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Portland FC Players


I was born in Vancouver, but transplanted to the USA in the 60′s when I was three.
Tucson, Phoenix, then Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

I graduated with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Utah and worked as an organic chemist and environmental scientist for the State of Utah for 13 years. Then, I worked for the University of Utah School of Medicine running laser-scanning fluorescent microscopes for 3D cell imaging on computers for various cutting-edge research projects like nerve cell regeneration, stem cells, and genetically based novel cancer treatments.

After getting into trouble one too many times, I was deported back to Canada last year. By┬ácoincidence the immigration guys sent me to Vancouver because that’s where the next plane was headed. If not for a traffic jam on the freeway the night before, I’d be in Montreal right now.


Bio pending.


Frank is a playmaker and all-around team guy so he enjoys practice or scrimmage as much as a game. Born in Vancouver with roots in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island and in the Siksika Nation of Alberta, Frank likes to travel and looks forward to representing Portland FC in many tournaments.


Bio pending.

Kevin “the Portland Wall”

I have been playing with the team since June, 2009. I used to play in elementary
school. It has been a great way to stay in shape and abstain from drugs.

Patrick (aka Shoosh)

I’m the Daniel Sedin of soccer. I can score pretty goals and make pretty
passes. When Rik and I play, we don’t even have to look at each other and
we know where each other are going to be. My goal is to start my own team so
I can play all week. My dreamteam name is FC Woodwards.


Bio pending.


Ray was born in Burlington Ontario and volunteers at Lifeskills, the Carnegie Centre,
and the Downtown Eastside Central Kitchen. He has lived in the Downtown Eastside for
10 years and organizes a local volleyball program.

Richard C.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1961, Richard has lived in Vancouver since 1979 when he
came to BC on a football scholarship. He played Junior Ball for 15 years and was a
nurse for another 15 years. He now advocates for Downtown Eastside issues such as
housing rights.

Richard M.

The Henrik Sedin of soccer. I was born with a soccer ball coming out of
my momma’s tummy. Where I was born (Alert Bay), they have five soccer fields
on a small island of 1000 to 1500 people. So that tells a lot about why I love soccer.

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